We love role play in our house. Since Alfie’s toddler years we’ve owned a thousand cafes, treated umpteen animals at our vets surgery, put out fires around the world, delivered parcels in masses and fixed more appliances than you can shake your spanner at.

It was quite natural then, that my choice recommendation for my friends two year old, we’ll call him ‘Doctor T’ for the purposes of this review, was a Doctors medical kit.

Made by Peterkin Toys, their recommended age is 3+ but as my friends son is very nearly 3 it wasn’t something we mused over for long. In fact, we both agreed the recommended age was perfect as there are a couple of smaller parts you would need to be slightly weary of with younger children.

To begin with we took the medical instruments out one by one, showing our budding Doctor T how to use each one – eye drops, stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, syringe, thermometer… the list goes on but I’m afraid I don’t know the medical names for them! Enthralled is a good word for the response we got, he loved it. Hours have been spent on this toy since, the blood pressure monitor being his favourite although, if we could place a negative on any of the instruments it would be this one. The monitor comes apart quite a lot and you have to thread the blue air tube back into the pump and into the bit that fits on the patients arm. It’s not a massive task but it can get a little frustrating when the instrument is one of the most used.The medical kit was definitely a hit nevertheless!


My friends only concern with this set was the fact Dr T had to injure his Teddys before he treated them. One poor teddy had several incidents with a door. This wasn’t the case with his real friends though (phew!) as later in the week Doctor T introduced his medical kit to two of his female friends, aged 2 and 4 years. They played very well together, patiently taking it in turns to perform their medical check ups on each other. There is usually some sort of battle over who gets the best toy but on this occasion there seemed to be enough to go round. No tantrums or tears this time. Hooray!

We felt the medical kit was a great way to prepare children for a real doctors visit. Alfie has always been mesmerised by our doctors apparatus, having something at home to compare the instruments to has always made it easier for me to talk about our visits. I’d do anything to take his mind off the real reasons we are going. I’ve still not found anything to help with revolting medicine administering though, have you?!