So, I’ve already found the task of writing my posts extremely hard. I’ve an endless list of blog post ideas and a full catalogue of photographs all waiting for their debut appearances, but it seems I’m taking more time collating the information than getting it written down!

My main task of late has been to read…read a little more, and then read a lot more. There is so much information to help us newbie bloggers out there, Britmums and Tots100 being very important to my chosen path in the blogging world.

My current week is now scheduled and among the havoc of new exercise regimes (we’re going on holiday in two weeks, I’ve left it a bit late I know!), housework and my real job *cough* I plan to rectify my lack of documented episodes. I’ve already seen the shortage of regular posts can sometimes be quite a common occurrence at some point in a ‘part time’ bloggers life so I’m not too worried with my lazy efforts just yet. My lack of commitment my seem excessive at the moment, my last post being in April, but I know I’ll come back from the dead soon.