8 days and counting!

We’re going on our summer ‘Jolidays’, Yay! I love the lead up to a holiday, I just can’t contain my excitement, even Alfie is starting to get fed up of my sudden outbursts of joy. I’ve already been busy writing lists and preparing for the big packing session, the best part being the clothes shopping. Not for me though, I generally become moody after I’ve tried on the first garment, love handles are just not in this season! Shopping for my son however is much more fun! Cue, shopping trip!

I’d love to say Alfie was excited by this but that would be a fib. He spent the whole car journey there in a foul, miserable mood. I had to use various forms of bribery, agreeing to buy him a small gift if he was good, the promise that we’d go for some nice lunch and a half hour extension on his bedtime. You might think I’m wrong in using bribery but it works for us and I’ll be sticking to it.

It was a trip to Primark on this occasion. Alfie goes through clothes very quickly so their extremely reasonable prices are very important to us. They have a good variety of clothes and accessories and we rarely come out with less than a basket full of clothes, for a fraction of the price we can pay at others stores.

After all Alfie’s initial moaning, we actually ended up having quite a lot of fun checking out all the T-shirt slogans and funny sunglasses. We walked around the boys collection and Alfie picked out various T-shirts and shorts he liked. I had to talk him round on a few as they were a little too garish for my liking but I’m proud to say he generally has good taste. We spent quite a while picking out his outfits and trying on shoes but we were having so much fun.

beach sunglasses funny sunglasses

After we left the store we went for some lunch and also nipped to get Alfie a hot wheels car from Wilkinsons, the treat I promised him for being good. We had a lovely afternoon. I made sure this particular shopping trip was all about him but it’s my turn next, let’s see how that goes!

When we got home I suggested he put on a fashion show for me. He was so excited by this and rushed off upstairs with his bags. I was told to sit on the sofa and hum a tune when he clicked his fingers, the notification that he was about to come down the stairs and onto the ‘cat walk’. We had such a giggle strutting our stuff and striking poses.

shades orange blue shirt big deal

All in all, a delightful shopping trip. I wish they were all like this!!