When the sun actually shone for that one week, we found the chance to pop over to my Aunties house for a visit one evening. We were delighted to see all the animals out in force so we ended up spending an hour or so basking in the sunshine with them.

As soon as we got there we walked down to the stable yard to find Aunty J who was busy mucking out a stable, ready to bring old Taffy in for his dinner. After we’d helped bed him down, fill his water buckets and prepare his dinner we hurried off to collect him from the field where he was already waiting, obviously very familiar with his dinner time routine. It was only a short walk back to the stable so I asked Alfie if he wanted to ride on Taffys back, expecting the answer to be no. I was therefore really surprised when he said yes, chuffed in fact! I’d spent many a day up at our local riding school mucking out umpteen stables for free rides. I’ve always loved horses and the fact Alfie wasn’t scared of mounting one meant I could perhaps enlist him in a few riding lessons throughout the summer. Yay!


After we had put Taffy to bed we walked back up to the house and went for a walk around the garden. The chickens made us laugh as they scurried about, Alfie following them around all the nooks and crannies of the garden. Aunty J got out some chicken feed and showed Alfie how to feed them. He wasn’t keen on letting them peck the seeds from his hand but he thoroughly enjoyed throwing it all over them instead. Poor chickens!

photo (9)

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Then it was time for the ducks! Alfie was surprised to see they were sunbathing as he had only really associated them with water and ponds. They were happily relaxing when we got there but not for long! Alfie was intent on making loud quacking sounds, being naturally loud and boyish… the ducks quickly ran off in the other direction. They waddled in a line at one point and I explained how they followed their mother like this when they were young. Aunty J also explained how to tell the difference between the female and male ducks – the male having curly tail feathers.

photo (21)

We then waddled like the ducks around to the back of the house where Fudge resided. Fudge is a rabbit, and a pretty large rabbit at that. Aunty J told Alfie to pick some dandelion leaves for Fudge as he enjoyed these as a snack. After taking his time to select ones that looked fresh and tasty he threw them to the rabbit, without getting too close. He’s not scared of a horse but cute bunnies just aren’t his thing, strange child.


Similarly he didn’t want to touch the poor guinea pigs. We squeaked at them for a moment and then Alfie was fed up with them, they didn’t do much he said.

photo (11)

After we had looked around the garden for a while longer, overturning rocks and searching through the foliage for mini-beasts, we decided it was getting a little late and said our goodbyes.

It had been a lovely early evening visit and Alfie has been so intrigued he hadn’t even mentioned food!