Too many moments of my day are used up because I’m having to look for stuff. Admittedly I cause a lot of this frustration by misplacing items myself, mainly in the fridge or the wrong cupboard – the actual list of unearthly nooks and crannies our items have been found is endless. Despite the sheer annoyance these endeavours take me through, I never give up. There is, after all, no one else who will look for them.

This can not be said for the male species in our household though. The ability to find lost items in their world is…well..completely lost! A glance in the shoe cupboard for a shoe or a root through the toy box to find a toy usually fails to strike gold. My assistance to locate these ‘lost’ items is usually needed at least a couple of times a day, despite my encouragement when listing the places said items could be.

It has become such a regular occurrence that we’ve now named it ‘Man Looking’. I wouldn’t want to offend any man who is capable of finding lost goods…. it just so happens our house does not have such a male.

As Alfie is now old enough to read, we decided to devise a ‘Man Looking’ checklist. We’ve printed it and it now hangs on his bedroom wall. Apart from the obvious Monday morning rush to find school uniform and homework, there are strict rules to follow this checklist before enlisting my help.

Feel free to print it for yourself – it really does help. Alfie has used it on several occasions. One in particular was when locating the remote control for the television on Saturday evening. Alfie did have to take all the sofa cushions off the sofa (which I then had to help him put back on again afterwards) but he did it – he found the television remote all by himself. I think the list encourages him to look harder and he seems to be having fun following the steps – except number 6 of course!