A couple of months back I had a disconcerting moment after finding this on my mobile phone Google search app.
Alfies google search

I heard you gasp!

Ignore Cheltenham, that was me looking for a hotel, not where you’re likely to find naked ladies and privets!

As I’m sure some of you can imagine, the next next few hours of my day were spent soul searching. Was I a bad Mother? Why is my 6 year old searching these things? How could he possibly be interested in girls yet? What did I miss?…….Why can’t he spell picture correctly? (Joke).

After ringing my Mum and requesting advice from several friends (Useless though they were when in fits of hysterics) I decided to prepare myself for a ‘chat’. The initial ‘What have you been searching for on my phone lately’ question was met with a bashful gasp and a cushion to the face. He instantly knew what I was referring to. Does this mean he knew it was wrong? Is it wrong to be inquisitive though? The fact he searched for this information on my phone was not his fault, I shouldn’t have left him alone with it. Surely he would have just asked me those questions directly if the phone hadn’t been available….or perhaps that would have been far too embarrassing for him? How do you ensure your kids probe you, before the internet?

When I finally talked him out of hiding I told him it was perfectly fine to be curious about things, it’s how people learn. I explained that I would happily tell him anything he needed to know, all he had to do was ask. I think I expected his next few questions to relate to ‘kissing and cuddling’ but in fact he explained that he’d wanted to know what ‘it’, ‘ladies bits’ were called. I can’t tell you how relieved I was.

The details of what we call ‘it’ are probably of no further interest to you but I will tell you that I also told him the real name for ‘it’. Thankfully, when asking him about it again several minutes later he had forgotten how to pronounce it. Phew!

After doing a bit of my own Google searching I found this excellent advice on early sexual development. It may be useful to bookmark it. For any of you who think their kids are too young….you are wrong!

I dread to think about the teenage years!