If you’d have told me a year ago that I’d be entering an on-line community where people write stories and articles about their lives, about their kids, about their pets, about their hobbies, about everything and anything, including the kitchen sink… I’d not have believed you. Writing a blog was far from the top of my ‘to do’ list, in fact I’m not sure it was even on there at all!

So how did I find the blogging world? It was only last October that I began a small business selling children’s toys on-line. I guess, quite naturally for an on-line businesses, my first port of call was social networking and since my main target market was parents, I looked for where they might hang out. Very quickly I found the parent blogging community and needless to say, I became hooked!

Like the tooth fairy, each blog post took a dull dreary tooth and swapped it for a shiny new coin. Slowly but surely the fairy despatched the old teeth leaving behind not only the coins but the foundations of a bigger, brighter smile.  My idea of a crafty afternoon with my little boy used to be a colouring book and a few crayons – the dreary tooth. Now, after inspiration from some pretty amazing blogs, our crafty afternoons involve more toilet rolls and paper plates than you dare shake your glue stick at – the shiny new coin, the brighter smile.

To be (possibly madly) open and honest, I want to tell you that although I’m very passionate about my business, after experiencing this new found community I can’t help but think I made the wrong choice in selling new toys. Isn’t the world all about thrifty crafts and recycled quirkiness nowadays? Have I made a mistake?

So perhaps you’re wondering why I’m here? Well, if you asked my friends about me they’d say I’m all about joining in, getting involved, meeting new people and as I found myself day dreaming about writing blog posts on all of my daily experiences, I thought I’d give it a go. So here I am, elated to finally rid my head of the stories that potter about in there and excited about the wonderful people I’m about to meet. I do hope I can supply some enjoyment, some helpful reviews, some ideas for crafting and quite possibly…

I can help the tooth fairy with someone else’s smile.